Here’s what some of the fine folks have to say about working with Hello, Digital Inc.

“Before partnering with Hello, Digital, we felt like we were throwing our marketing budget into a black hole, uncertain of any return. Their team transformed our online presence, turning our investments into measurable results. From SEO to social media campaigns, their expertise illuminated the path to reaching our target audience effectively. It’s rare to find a partner that’s both transparent and results-driven in the digital sphere. Highly recommend Hello, Digital for any business aiming for impactful digital growth!” ~ C. Malone ~J & B Distribution.

“Start-Me-Up Weekend is the ideal push you need to get your business started and to grow/improve it if you already have a business. Carlana is very knowledgeable and presents the work in such a way that you unlock ideas you never knew you had. The “relaxed” atmosphere of the workshop also aids in getting you thinking HARD about your business. She also diverts from the norm and deals with you on a personal level to ensure you’re equipped for the entrepreneurial journey ahead. Carlana doesn’t just stop at the weekend but provides support afterward to ensure you implement all the ideas you come up with. She pushes you to get the work done and cheers with you along the way. This workshop is truly the best I’ve been to. If you’re ready to THINK HARD, to absorb much, and move beyond the mere pen and paper experience, then Start-Me-Up Weekend is the place to be.” ~ D. Daniel ~ Excelsior Finance

“When it came to revamping our online image, the team at Hello, Digital proved to be the game-changer we needed. Their team didn’t just guide our in-house designer on the design process; they crafted a digital experience that resonates with our audience. The meticulous attention they paid to our email marketing copy is evident. Each word is chosen with purpose, driving engagement and conversions like we’ve never seen before. Their blend of aesthetic finesse and strategic copywriting has made a profound difference in our online interactions. Trusting Hello, Digital Inc. with directing the revamp of our web presence and crafting our copy has been one of the smarter marketing moves we’ve made in the past few years.” ~ Melinda Barkley ~ Meridian Ltd.

‘I approached Hello, Digital for help with starting my business. I had an idea in mind, but that was about all I had. The team at Hello, Digital was absolutely brilliant! They took my ‘idea’ and helped me develop it. They didn’t just rely on my initial thoughts, but envisioned the way forward, considering the future and enhancing my concept. Working with them was refreshing; the environment was light-hearted, easy, and friendly. It wasn’t excessively “business-like” or overly formal, which was perfect for me. I felt at ease, able to freely express my ideas without the fear of sounding unclear.

Even when I was uncertain about aspects of my brand, the team at Hello, Digital knew how to question, guide, and suggest improvements. The results were nothing short of remarkable! Their expertise was evident; they considered factors I hadn’t even realized were essential. What stood out was their sharpness in understanding the nuances of brand-building. It felt as if they had ingested a “brand-building encyclopedia” because they had spot-on answers for every query I posed!

I’d recommend Hello, Digital any day! Whether you have just a business name or a fully fleshed-out concept, they can elevate it! Their prowess in crafting taglines, translating abstract concepts into tangible plans, and maintaining excellent follow-through is commendable. They truly excel as brand strategists and coaches, and I wholeheartedly endorse them’!’ ~ KayNicole, Blogger

‘Hello, Digital is a truly gifted and talented team that knows how to leverage the power of video and multimedia marketing tools in order to further the businesses of other entrepreneurs and small business owners. They continue to sharpen their skills and grow as a professional, which allows them to be on the cutting edge of the latest technological trends. But don’t just take my word for it. If you need assistance with video and multimedia marketing, then you need Hello, Digital’ ~ Lauri Smedley ~ Author and Virtual Entrepreneurship Professor

I was very pleased and impressed with the way Hello, Digital promoted my business with social media and video marketing. They are very knowledgeable and good at their business. I would highly recommend them to anyone who needs assistance and guidance in marketing their business to a more profitable level’. ~ Greg Tharpe ~ Author, Coach & Speaker

‘As a Video Marketing professional, Hello, Digital has helped increase the visibility of my website through the use of video. I found them efficient, timely in their delivery, and great to work with and I recommend them highly’. ~ Bill Losey ~ Author & Retirement Strategist